NWO Life 2023



Egmond aan Zee: Hotel Zuiderduin


NWO Life is an annual congress covering all disciplines and scales in the Dutch life sciences, from femtometer to kilometre, from cell to planet. NWO Life stands for high-quality science, inspiration, discussion, exploration, connection, networking and knowledge utilisation under the heading of this year’s theme: Diversity of Life.

Deadline for abstract submission of oral presentations was March 16th. For posters, the deadline is April 13th.
Note that the submission of an abstract is linked to your registration for NWO Life2023; submitting an abstract is part of the registration process.

NWO Life
NWO Life is an annual scientific conference covering all disciplines in the Dutch Life Sciences at all scales. It is meant to connect researchers, to explore and push boundaries, to discuss new or desirable developments in the field, to get inspired by each other’s research and approaches and to start new interdisciplinary collaborations.

Expect world-leading invited speakers, inspiring parallel sessions, poster presentations for our promising scientific talents, and a broad scope of workshops. For members of the five research communities within the life sciences, NWO Life2023 is the hub to physically meet, connect and discuss major topics addressing the further development of the field. 

NWO Life2023 hosts 5 tracks.  The tracks address the theme ‘Diversity of Life’ at different scale levels. The tracks are similarly structured as and therefore named after the 5 research communities that have been set up since NWO Life2019:

  1. Biology of molecules, cells and tissues
  2. From genes to organisms
  3. Organisms in their environment
  4. Life and planet
  5. Advanced methods, data and analyses to understand living systems

More information and the links for registration and abstract submission can be found on the NWO Life website