Online Young Interfaculty Lunch



12:00-13:00 hrs


To be announced


During our first interfaculty lunch on the 7th of May, we discussed the impact of Covid-19 on young scholars at Leiden University. Based on the discussions in this meeting as well as the results of a survey we initiated, we have published a position paper that has been broadly shared and discussed with the university’s executive board and Deans.
In the second interfaculty lunch meeting, we will follow-up on the impact of Covid-19 and discuss new themes. After a brief introduction, we will break up in smaller groups which will discuss one of the following four themes:
  1. Racism and diversity in academia
  2. Academic inequality and Covid-19
  3. Online teaching in the next semester (and beyond?) 
  4. What could we do better if there would be a 'second wave of Covid-19'?
The input of Young Academics on these topics is highly appreciated and will again inform our policy discussions and statements. When registering for the meeting, you will be asked to indicate which theme you would prefer to discuss during the breakout session. You can registrate on the right side. More info and registration