PCDI workshop Employability Outside Academia (October 6, November 3, December 15)



Utrecht, The Netherlands


Employability Outside Academia is a course that supports PhD students and postdocs in their preparation to make the transition to industry.

The 3 x 1 full-day course programme provides comprehensive insights into what the industry demands from PhD graduates and supports participants to work on their personal development in order to increase their employability in the industry.

Participants are evaluated in detail on individual skill sets and are provided a personalised tool to manage long-term career development.

Why an employability course for Early Career Researchers?

Strong discrepancies exist between the skill sets academic researchers present and what non-academic employers are looking for. What do they expect from PhDs and where do they see discrepancies?

Increase your employability!
How can you increase your professional attractiveness to non-academic employers? You have to ensure that you are adequately informed about the demands from industry. This enables you to develop a industry-proof skill set while you are still doing your PhD or postdoc. The course also provides insights into options for PhDs outside academia and addresses the most important question ‘What position would actually suit me?’. PCDI’s Employability Outside Academia course not only supports you in finding the answers but also provides training in getting this information across.

By the end of the course you will:

  • have made a survey of competences acquired in the academic track, including transferable skills

  • have identified your personal strengths, weaknesses and skill gaps

  • have a clear view of the professional demands in industry and know how these differ from academia

  • be able to state the added value of your PhD and/or postdoc experience to employers in the industry

  • have a personal development plan to guide your long-term career development

A certificate of participation will be provided.