Philips Innovation Award seminar in Delft: join the competition with your innovative idea!



18:15 - 20:30 hrs


Delft: Yes!Delft, Molengraaffsingel


The Philips Innovation Award (PHIA) is a competitive platform for student entrepreneurs with an innovative idea. We give students the opportunity to develop their idea and start their own business. All participants will get personal feedback, practice important skills, receive coaching, and build a network of fellow young entrepreneurs. The winner of the PHIA wins a price with a value of €50,000!

This year, the PHIA organises preliminary seminars in cooperation with YES!Delft Students (for Delft PhD students and postdocs). Follow the links for more information on the program and to register.

The Philips Innovation Award (PHIA) seminar is an exciting meeting for entrepreneurial minded Bachelor and Master students, PhD candidates and post-docs under 28. In this seminar, they will show you how every student can benefit from participating: an innovative idea is enough to win €50.000, and all participants will benefit from inspiring events, coaching and our network!

An inspiring guest speaker will be present, a beer felt contest will be held, and you have the possibility to pitch your idea! With this, you can win €100 and a Philips Wake-Up light!