Premiere of the documentary film Einstein's Light



19:00 hrs


Leiden (on invitation only)


Einstein's Light is a documentary film created by award-winning, international filmmaker Nickolas Barris. It is an ode to the power of curiosity and the imagination at the frontiers of science.

The film looks at the pioneering work of Albert Einstein and Hendrik Lorentz, as well as more recent examples of ground-breaking research. The film examines Einstein's discoveries as well as modern examples of scientific imagination and innovation, highlighting organizations on the front edge of discovery. It illuminates Einstein's quest to realize his General Theory of Relativity from his miracle year of 1905 to its finalization amidst the horrors of the First World War, as he used the properties of light to guide his creative path. The symbiotic relationship between music and science is a major theme, as Einstein is the greatest example of its efficacy. Nickolas Barris commissioned composer Bruce Adolphe to write a score to reflect the power of music as a catalyst for Einstein's scientific creativity. This soundtrack is performed by violinist Joshua Bell and pianist Marija Stroke.

This premiere of Einstein’s Light will be preceded by another very special premiere: Four Centuries of Freedom. This short film presents the history of Leiden University over the past four hundred years and is based on the book Edele, wijze, lieve, bijzondere, published this year to mark the 440th anniversary of the foundation of Leiden University.