Quantum Many-Body workshop series



The next episode of the Delft Many-Body Workshop Series, taking place on 24 February 2023 at TUDelft, will be focused on "Disorder, Entanglement and localization in strongly correlated systems". 

The registration is now open (use this Google-form). Students are encouraged to contribute a talk. Abstracts can be submitted via the registration form. Submission deadline is February 11 23:59h.

There is no registration fee for these workshops, but participants are kindly asked to cover their own travel costs.

Speakers for the "Disorder, Entanglement and localization" workshop:

  • Dmitry Abanin (Geneva);
  • Wojciech De Roeck (Leuven);
  • Wouter Buijsman (BGU, Israel);
  • Rui-Zhen Huang (Ghent);
  • Ward Vleeshouwers (Amsterdam);
  • Jiri Minar (Amsterdam) - TBC;

About the workshop series
Understanding collective phenomena in strongly correlated quantum many-body systems is one of the biggest challenges in modern condensed matter physics. Development of efficient computational methods and conformal field theory topped up with the recent progress on cold atoms experiments make the study of low-dimensional strongly correlated systems one of the hottest topics in the field. The goal of this workshop series is to bring together local experts working on various aspects of quantum many-body theory to regenerate the network of scientific connections and to stimulate new collaborations in the area.

More info can be found on this web-page of the series.

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