RISE Breakfast celebrating International Women's Day



09:00 hrs


De Stal


Leiden University celebrates International Women’s Day at March 8 with the Annie Romein-Verschoor Lecture by the former Minister of Education, Culture and Science Jet Bussemaker. The title of the lecture is: “De Nederlandse vrouw: bakfietsmuts of gelukkig deeltijdmens?Follow this link for more details on the lecture by Jet Bussemaker on March 8 >>

At universities women only work 1 hour less a week as compared to men. Nevertheless they receive on average a lower salary as compared to male colleagues of the same age with the same job level. Among professors this difference is a shocking 438 euro per month (see LNVH report). Although we do not know the exact numbers (yet) for Leiden University, probably a similar problem holds for women at our Faculty of Science.

During a RISE breakfast at Thursday March 15, 9h00-10h30 we would like to discuss the possible underlying causes and more importantly how we can Press4Progress to close the pay gap. Follow this link for more details on the RISE breakfast on March 15 >>

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Your ideas to close the Gender Pay Gap

On the left there is a sign-up button via which you can leave your suggestions on how RISE can help to close the Pay Gap. Moreover we would like to hear your ideas/wishes about other important topics or activities for 2018.  

Even if you cannot attend the Breakfast on March 15, we very much appreciate your tips and ideas.

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