Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences Academy symposium - Genetic Screening: Who, Why and When?



11:00 - 17:00 hrs


Het Trippenhuis Kloveniersburgwal 29 1011 JV Amsterdam


The technology to screen the genome of an individual is now available, raising a number of questions. Is screening a good thing? And should genomic screening be offered before a child’s birth, before a person starts a family, or at any point during his or her life? What would genomic screening achieve, and what are the potential harms? Do we actually know what receiving genomic information does to people? The speakers at this symposium will delve into some of the most relevant questions about genetic screening, based on current scientific knowledge.


  • Cisca Wijmenga, University of Groningen, Netherlands – What’s in the Dutch genome?
  • Matthew Hurles, Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK – How many disease-causing variants mutations in a normal person?
  • Peter de Knijff, Leiden University Medical Centre – Now you see me, now you don’t. Genetic identification in forensics and the future of genetic privacy
  • TBA – Clinical genome sequencing. Are we ready?
  • Robert Green, Harvard University, Boston USA – What genetic information does to people. Results from empirical studies
  • Cecile Janssens, Emory University, Atlanta USA – Direct to consumer testing. Is the FDA ban a good thing?
  • Martina Cornel, VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam – Preconception screening in the Netherlands: is the time right?
  • Han Brunner, Radboud Medical Centre, Nijmegen – We all have mutations. Why we should consider offering universal prenatal screening
  • Wybo Dondorp, Maastricht University Medical Centre – Genome sequencing of children (fetuses, embryos): what about 'the right to an open future'?

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