Science meets Business café 'Data, virosomes and metamaterials' with presentation by Bastiaan Florijn (PhD student LION): "How to "program" a mechanical response with memory effects in BiHolar metamaterials"



17:00-19:30 hrs


Biopartner 1, Leiden


On Thursday the 12th of February, we will host the first SmB cafe of the new year. Join us for talks from amazing business scientists who are exploiting new resources with a big future impact. 

Call to action - Landscape
Lucas van der Meer, co-founder & commercial director at Landscape, will share the founders' dream of becoming entrepreneurs and making it a reality, focusing on increasing data impact.

Leiden business update - Mymetics Dr. Melody Sauerborn, head of non-clinical development of BioPartner based Mymetics B.V., will talk about the company’s pipeline in next-generation virosome-based vaccines for infectious diseases, including vaccines to prevent RSV, influenza, HIV‐1 and malaria.

Making pigs fly - Leiden Institute of Physics  Bastiaan Florijn, PhD Candidate at the Biological & Soft Matter Physics  department, will give a insight on how to "program" a mechanical response with memory effects in BiHolar metamaterials. Bastiaan probes the mechanics of BiHolar metamaterials, 2D elastic media with a square lattice of circular holes of two different sizes. Biaxial loading of these BiHolar structures leads to a wealth of mechanical responses, including mechanically switchable hysteresis and memory effects. They show that they can program the mechanical response with the loading force and the hole size ratios.  

The program
17:00 – Walk-in
17:30 – Opening
17:35 – Lucas van der MeerLandscape
17:45 – Dr. Melody SauerbornMymetics B.V.,
18:00 – Bastiaan FlorijnBiological & Soft Matter Physics
18:15 – Discussion & take home messages
18:30 – Drinks (until 19:30)

Registration and location
If you would like to attend, please RSVP via this webpage.
For directions to BioPartner 1, see our contact page.