Science meets Business café: 'DNA sequencing'



17:00-20:00 hrs


The BioPartner Accelerator foyer, BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21, Leiden


The Science meets Business café on October 8th will be entirely dedicated to DNA sequencing. Companies and research institutes from the Leiden BioScience Park-  working on DNA sequencing will give us an insight on the future of DNA sequencing.

Our speakers will be the following companies: Baseclear, Sequenomis, ZF-screens but also Dr. Gregory Schneider from the Leiden Institute of Chemistry.

Sequenomics: Closing the gap between genomic sequences and molecular structure
Although the cost of automated DNA sequencing has dropped precipitously, interpreting genomic sequences at the level of molecular structure remains difficult and costly. This knowledge gap between sequence and structure slows the development of new medicine and protein biotechnology.  Sequenomics is dedicated to closing this gap, and envisions a world where every clinical and R&D decision is informed by high quality molecular structure information. Using a combination of large-scale computational simulations, high-throughput experimental validations, and innovative analytics, Sequenomics tools automatically supply researchers and clinicians with reliable and relevant molecular structure information. Presented by Dr. Erik Schultes from the LIACS.

Baseclear: Providing sequencing solutions: technology as an innovation driver

Where in the past years, the core business of many service providers like ourselves has been sequencing DNA/RNA and returning raw data or basic interpretations of data to the customer, the arrival of (portable) NGS platforms has, and will, dramatically change how we deal with sequencing data. Experiments and questions are no longer limited by the amount of data that can be generated. Moreover, portable platforms like the MinIon will enable on site sequencing services in the near future, and for various applications it will not be necessary anymore to send your samples to a service provider. What will our business model be in 5 years from now? In this presentation, will give a future perspective of the company as a solution provider.

ZF-screens: Nanopore sequencing @ZF-screens

After a year of MinIOn Access Program, nanopore sequencing is really getting ready to be used commercially. ZF-screens has been in this program from the start and will be the first commercial provider of nanopore sequencing services. In this presentation, Dr. Hans Jansen will highlight ZF-screens’ achievements in MAP over the past year and and give a brief outlook on what’s to come in the next half year.

Graphene: the next NGS device?

Dr. Gregory Schneider from the  Leiden Insitute of Chemistry will elaborate on the research done on graphene as a possible DNA sequencing device. Advantages and drawbacks of graphene for sequencing applications will be highlighted in his talk and particularly why the chemistry of graphene is essential before dreaming of sequencing applications.

17:00 Walk-in
17:30 Opening
17:35 Sequenomics: Genomic sequences to molecular structure
   Dr. Erik Schultes, Research Scientist, LIACS
17:50 Baseclear: Technology as an innovation driver
  Dr. Danny Duijsings, Head of R&D, Baseclear
18:10 Break
18:30 ZF-screens: Nanopore sequencing
  Dr. Hans Jansen, Laboratory Manager, ZF-screens
18:50 Leiden Institute of Chemistry: Graphene, the next NGS device?
  Dr. Gregory Schneider, Assistant Professor, Leiden University
19:15 Free dinner and drinks, sponsored by Baseclear
‚ÄčLocation: The BioPartner Accelerator foyer, BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21.