Science meets Business cafe in Leiden with LION PI Martin van Exter: "Using the weirdness of quantum mechanics"



17:00-19:00 hrs


BioPartner Accelerator foyer, BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21, Leiden



Call to Action 

To start off the evening, Niall Hodgins will introduce the startup he founded, NADES Solutions.

Abstract: NADES Solutions is a collaborative R&D start-up specialising in creating natural, non-toxic and tailored solvents with commercial partners. We are best known for solving solubility and stability problems for pharmaceutical applications. Our technology also has excellent potential in nutraceutics, cosmetics, herbal extractions and agriculture.

Business Update

The Business Update will be provided by Dr. Pieter Gaillard, CEO of 2-BBB.

About 2-BBB: 2-BBB is developing medicines for the treatment of devastating brain diseases. Their proprietary liposomal G-Technology® facilitates entry to the brain while simultaneously enabling sustained delivery of systemically administered therapeutics. Their technology has been shown to be compatible with approved as well as novel therapeutic entities. They have two clinical programs, one targeting multiple indications of brain cancers and the other neuro-inflammatory diseases.

Making Pigs Fly  

Our last speaker will be Prof. Dr. Martin van Exter from the Leiden Institute of Physics.

Abstract: The quantum world is very different from the classical world. Its predictions are often surprising and counterintuitive, but they are time and again confirmed in experiments, in particular in experiments on small systems. In his talk, Dr. Martin van Exter will introduce the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, like the superposition of quantum states, the special role of measurements, and the existence of entanglement between multiple quantum systems. I will also show how these concepts can be used in practical systems and how different companies have already put the weirdness of quantum mechanics to work in devices like quantum random number generators, unbreakable quantum communication systems, and quantum computers.

The programme

17:00 Walk-in
17:30 Opening
17:35 Call to action: Niall Hodgins
  NADES Solutions – Solving the insoluble
17:45 BioPartner update: Pieter Gaillard
  2-BBB (Medicines) Update
18:05 Making pigs fly: Prof. Dr. Martin van Exter
  Using the weirdness of quantum mechanics
18:30 Drinks (until 19:00)


The BioPartner Accelerator foyer, BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21.

The BioPartner Accelerator foyer is open as of 17:00, so feel free to come early and grab a drink before we start. If you can’t make it at 17:30, don’t hesitate to (quietly) drop in later on or during the drinks hour.