Science meets Business cafe Leiden: "Mini-micro-nano: cutting-edge instruments"



17:00 - 18:30 hrs


BioPartner 1, Leiden


Upcoming cafe: Thursday 11 Sept.
Mini-micro-nano: cutting-edge instruments

We kick off the new SmB cafe season with a new format, existing of three recurring segments. Read more about it here.
This month, we've invited these exciting speakers:
Peter WiegmanCall to action - Idris Solutions
Peter Wiegman, Aerospace Engineering student, recently co-founded Idris Solutions. Their design for a micro-3D-printer aims to make complex 3D-structures at the size of a human hair. 
BioPartner update - ZF-screens
Dr. Hans Jansen is Laboratory Manager at ZF-screens and responsible for testing the minION. This USB enabled sensing system makes it possible to sequence anything right on your own desk.
Alex VernooijMaking pigs fly - LUMC
Alex Vernooij is projectleader of instrument affairs at the LUMC and for the Medical Delta. 
He will speak about new technologies in medical instrumentation and its contemporary challenges. 
The program
17:00 – Walk-in
17:30 – Opening
17:35 – Call to action: Peter Wiegman, Idris Solutions
17:45 – New in BioPartner: Dr. Hans Jansen, ZF-Screens
18:00 – Making pigs fly: Alex Vernooij, LUMC
18:15 – Discussion
18:30 – Drinks (until 19:30)
Registration and location If you would like to attend, please RSVP via our website.
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