Seaside Physics 2022





The SPTCM school of the Dutch Research School in Theoretical Physics (DRSTP) is happy to present: "Seaside Physics 2022", to be held in the dunes of North-Holland, at Callantsoog, 6 to 12 June 2022.


Seaside Physics 2022 is a postgraduate AIO/OIO School on statistical physics and theory of condensed matter (SPTCM). Whether your research involves theme 1 (high energy) or theme 2 (condensed matter), you may choose either schools to attend. Postdocs, advanced Master's students, as well as graduate students from foreign countries are welcome to join. 


Seaside Physics will feature:

- World-class lecturers!

- lectures accessible to all
- great seaside location
- affordable for all
- 7 consecutive school days

The lecturers this year include Chris Hooley (St Andrews), Frank Smallenburg (Orsay), Carlo Beenakker (Leiden), Bela Mulder (Amsterdam) and Laura Fillion (Utrecht).

More detailed information and a website with registration form can be found here. Deadline for registration is May 16th 2022.