Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop





Topics of interest include:

1. Silicon-related qubit implementations (e.g., Si, SiGe, Ge)
2. Advances in materials and fabrication
3. Cryogenic classical (nano)-electronics and classical electronic interfaces with qubits
4. Computer assisted design and analysis of donor and quantum dot architectures
5. Theory and modeling of charge and spin decoherence mechanisms in silicon
6. Dynamic decoupling and other control techniques to suppress decoherence in Si related qubits
7. Approaches to multi-qubit and coherent on-chip communication
8. Hybrid-qubit approaches combining Si and/or SiGe with other qubit systems

This year’s workshop will be held in Delft, the Netherlands. The workshop format will consist of approximately 20-30 minute talks, with a poster session held each day.
We encourage you to submit an abstract for a presentation or a poster, but submission is not a requirement to attend.