Symposium DRSTP Trends in Theory



Wageningen, Hotel WICC



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Clélia de Mulatier (UvA) - statistical physics, information theory, computer science

Farshid Jafarpour (UU 0 - statistical physics - biological applications

Badri Krishnan (RU) - gravitational waves

Evert van Nieuwenberg (Leiden) - computational physics - quantum computing

Jonas Helsen (QuSoft) - quantum algorithms or benchmarking quantum computers

Ben Freivogel (UvA) - theoretical phyiscs - holography

Ana Achucarro (Leiden) - theoretical cosmology

Melissa van Beekveld (Oxford/Nikhef) - particle physics phenomenology


A program is available on the DRSTP (Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics) site:


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