Symposium Nanobiology 2018



12:45 hrs onwards


Science Centre TU Delft


Only decades ago, the spectacular structure of DNA was revealed with the use of X-ray diffraction. The technique may be considered as one of the first devices in the currently crammed-full Nanobiology toolbox, which is growing rapidly as new discoveries are made every day. What other instruments are in this toolbox and how can we use them?

The Nanobiology symposium 2018 will take our field of research beyond the laboratory and place it in the context of daily life. This day, we will focus on the applications of the fundamentals and discuss how we can take discoveries in Nanobiology from the cell to ourselves.

Three notable speakers from various backgrounds will talk about their research and the way it is related to the ‘real world’ outside the test tube. The journey from cell to self is divided into three different levels: the first speech will be about fundamental research, given by prof. dr. Anna Akhmanova, whose work on the cytoskeleton has been awarded with this year's Spinoza Prize. The second will focus on the discovery and applications of a revolutionary nano-tool, as prof. dr. John van der Oost, who is a 2018 Spinoza Prize laureate as well and he will talk about different genome editing types and how they can contribute to synthetic biology projects. The final speaker will give an example of how fundamental knowledge about the basics of life can favor society, this talk will be given by dr. Ronald Plasterk, who is a microbiologist and former Minister and now works on personalized medicine as chief scientific officer for MyTomorrows. 

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