symposium "Science for a Viable Society"



Havingazaal (Gorlaeus building)


On 21 November, the Researchers in Science for Equality (RISE) network will present a symposium for the Faculty of Science with the theme "Science for a Viable Society". The focus of the talks will be on how (fundamental) scientific research can help solve problems of societal interest, such as the energy transition to sustainable alternatives, cancer research, or how to sustain a high level of biodiversity on our planet.


The programme of this exciting day will include talks from:


  • Anna Akhmanova, Utrecht University, Winner of the 2018 Spinoza Prize

  • Johanna Schild, Wageningen University and Research

  • Lies Bouwman, Leiden Institute of Chemistry

  • Ellen Cieraad, Institute of Environmental Sciences

  • Laura Heitman, Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research

  • Felienne Hermans, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

  • Martina Huber, Leiden Institute of Physics

  • Annemarie Meijer, Institute of Biology

  • Yamila Miguel, Leiden Observatory

  • Vivi Rottschäfer, Mathematical Institute


    The symposium will be moderated by Ans Hekkenberg. It will take place in the Havingazaal (Gorlaeus building) and is free of charge (including coffee/tea, lunch, and drinks afterwards). Please subscribe by registering at the following website: