Tech talks In Vitro screening



15:00 hrs


Grand Cafe De Stal


Drug development is a time consuming and costly process. What if we could increase the efficiency of this process? New screening methodologies can make a difference.
In this TechTalk, state of the art technologies for in vitro screening are presented and their potential for improving future drug development discussed.

Hope to see you! - Team TechTalk

Stem cell-based reporter assays for in vitro cancer hazard
Dr. Giel Hendriks (CEO, Toxys B.V.)

 Imaging-Based Drug Discovery in Organoids'
Thomas Dijkmans (OcellO B.V.)

Cell printing to study multicellular behavior in three dimensions
Dr. Erik Danen (Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, Leiden University)

 3D-organotypic skin models for research and screening purposes
Dr. Abdoel Ghalbzouri (Dermatology, Leiden University Medical Center)

Followed by drinks