TechTalk about Microbiome



15:30 hrs


Grand Café de Stal, Darwinweg 1, Leiden


Microbiota are widely recognized as being central players in the health of organisms and ecosystems. The TechTalk ‘Exploring the microbiome from different perspectives’ will address different aspects and applications of microbiome research in and around the Leiden Bioscience Park: personalized medicine, public health, food and industrial applications, and agriculture.

About TechTalks
TechTalks exist to help the park's R&D community connect and start collaborations      


Technical Aspects: Introduction
Dr. Tom van den Bogert (BaseClear)

Oral microbiome
Prof. Egija Zaura (ACTA)

Feces transplantation
Drs. Liz Terveer (LUMC)

Experimental microbiome platforms
Dr. Frank Schuren (TNO Zeist)

Organ on a chip model for IBS
Dr. Dorota Kurek (Mimetas)

Gut microbiota and neuro-degenerative disease
Farideh Hosseinkahni, MSc (Lectoraat IMD, Hogeschool Leiden)

Followed by drinks