TechTalk in Leiden on biocompatibility, blood clotting, and how to grow your own blood vessel



16:00 - 17:00 hrs


Café de Stal, Darwinweg 1, Leiden


TechTalks are an initiative by Luris and Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation. Please sign up (free) by e-mail:

Lecture 1
: Biocompatibility - Kees Kluft (GBS; moderator)

Medical devices and biotech/nano-products show adverse reactions in the body.

  • -- One of the practical answers is to select material with minimal impact
  • -- There are blood and plasma tests to evaluate rapid reactions in clotting, inflammation and induction of pain
  • -- Further improvement and validation of the test panel may predict better the reactions and help to select artificial materials for minimal effects.

Lecture 2: Blood clotting - Joost Meijers (Sanquin)

Medical device thrombosis costs the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $1 billion annually with over 50,000 deaths per year caused by thromboembolism.

  • -- One of the practical answers is to suppress reactions using antithrombotic therapy
  • -- Bleeding is a serious side effect of 'old' and 'novel' antithrombotic therapy
  • -- There is a new theory how to break the inevitable link between bleeding and thrombosis
  • -- Future improvements concern efficacious antithrombotic therapy without side effect of bleeding

Lecture 3: Grow your own blood vessel - Joris Rotmans (LUMC)

A theoretical perfect solution would be to develop our own body material

  • -- How to use the human body as in vivo bioreactor ?
  • -- The promise of bioincompatible polymers
  • -- Blood pressure and flow as the driving force for tissue differentiation

From 17:00 hrs: panel discussion and drinks