49th IFF Spring School: Physics of Life



J├╝lich, Germany


The Spring School will provide an introduction to and an overview of current research topics in biophysics of living systems, with an emphasis on understanding biological structure, dynamics and function. Biomolecules, cells, tissues, and their multiscale interactions are the main building blocks of biological organisms. The physical understanding of their structural and dynamical properties and their organization and synergy is very challenging due to the enormous complexity and non-equilibrium behaviour of these systems.

However, this knowledge is essential for linking the structure and dynamics of biosystems to their corresponding functions. The goal of this Spring School is not only to give an overview of selected topics from biophysics to students and postdocs in physics, chemistry and biology, but also to establish an interdisciplinary connection between these fields. This includes, in particular, the introduction of biologists and chemists to physical experimental methods and theoretical modelling, and the introduction of physicists to the large variety of fascinating biological phenomena. Introductory lectures will present the basics of biosystems and biophysics.

These lectures are intended to establish a common level of basic interdisciplinary knowledge. Subsequent lectures will treat more advanced topics within different disciplines and emphasize interdisciplinary aspects.