The Casimir PhD Platform has two new members: Zohre Eskandari Alughare and Michał Pacholski


Leiden PhD students Zohre Eskandari Alughare and Michał Pacholski joined the Casimir PhD Platform as representatives of the the Biological & Soft Matter group (Zohre) and the Lorentz Institute (Michał).
Zohre works under the supervision of Michel Orrit, on single-molecule optics to study conformational transitions and dynamic of biomolecules such as DNA and proteins with FRET at rapid temperature cycle. Michał is part of Carlo Beenakker's group.

With Zohre and Michał joining the PhD Platform, we say goodbye to Kirsten Martens and Koen Schakenraad. The Casimir Board would like to thank Kirsten and Koen for the time and effort they put in co-organising the Casimir Spring Schools, NanoFront Winter Retreat and many other Casimir activities! 


Zohre Eskandari Alughare 

About the PhD Platform

The six Casimir PhD Platform members meet about four times per year with the Casimir scientific director and coordinator to discuss the Casimir Courses and to plan activities for their fellow PhD students and postdocs, like the Casimir Spring School. Do you have ideas that the PhD Platform can bring up to improve our research school, or do you have questions about Casimir? Nicole, Gesa, Zohre, Guoji, Michał and Robbie are happy to help you out. Click here for their contact information.