The dark side of science - Next SmB Cafe



After our past specially themed cafes in DNA Sequencing and Robotics, this April we are diving into the 'what ifs' and 'could bes' of science. Plenty of apocalyptic scenarios have been sketched in Hollywood and the Netflixers have probably not missed Black Mirror: what will happen if great technical innovations are mixed with dark intentions or instincts? Can technology change humanity? Will the exponential growth of technical possibilities mean the end of us? 

Our three speakers of this month will go into their field of expertise and dark possibilities behind it. Do you agree? Do you know of other science contradicting or preventing certain scenarios? Then join in the discussion at HUBspot!

This special - as the others - will be extended with a light dinner to accompany the networking drinks and we will have some demo's and activities in the theme of the evening!

Don't forget to let us know you will be joining!