The Hendrik Casimir prize winners 2010


Today Aafke van den Berg (Delft), Tim Baart (Delft), Robert Ietswaart (Leiden) and Nico Verhart (Leiden) won the Hendrik Casimir prize 2010. The winners are excellent MSc students with a promising research career ahead of them.

The prize is based on the revenues from a donation given by the late Hendrik Casimir’s wife the physicist Josina Casimir-Jonker. (more information)

The selection was made by a committee existing of dr. Jos Thijssen (Delft), prof. Jan Aarts (Leiden) and dr. Reyer Jochemsen (Leiden). Some comments about these students:

‘I am deeply impressed about Nico; he almost has mastered a very complex experiment (optical trapping of gold nanorods). ‘Nico is very enthusiastic and thinks along, is creative and has an understanding of experimental problems.’

‘Robert did his final presentation about a subject of his own choice ’Communication of classical information through a quantum channel’. This is a very difficult, mathematical complex subject; nevertheless Robert did this very well. I gave him a 9 which is the highest mark I ever gave for a lecture.’

‘Tim collaborated in research on a current topic, ‘transition voltage spectroscopy’. He has shown critical thinking and knows to present his ideas in discussions in a polite, but self-confident way. His presentation was clear and mature. Also he is doing the Casimir special pre-PhD track’

‘Aafke is a student who not only obtains very good results in regular courses but also shows initiative and independence in solving scientific problems which I’m sure will make her a valuable scientist. Also she can communicate well about her work. Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend her for the Hendrik Casimir Prize 2010.’