Theoretical physics: DRSTP PhD day 2023



Utrecht: "Wit" lecture hall, Marinus Ruppert Building (Campus Utrecht University)


The DRSTP PhD Student Council is organizing a meeting focused on the younger researchers in the Research School. On this 15th edition of the PhD Day you will hear inspiring talks from PhD students in several areas of theoretical physics and beyond. Just like previous editions, the PhD Day is also the right moment to meet old friends and make new ones, to share the joys and pains of being a scientist. Also for Master's students the PhD Day is a great opportunity to meet PhD students from all over the Netherlands and find out about research at other universities.

The PhD Day 2023 will be held in Utrecht, lecture hall “Wit”, in the Marinus Ruppert building on Friday 10 November 2023.

If you want to:

  • get an idea about the research carried out by other PhD students (beyond your research area);
  • hear about life after PhD both inside and outside the academic environment from former PhD students;
  • meet old friends and make new ones with whom to share the joys and pains of being a scientist.

More information will be available on the DRSTP website. Registration will be open later.

The PhD Day 2023, organized by the PhD Student Council of the DRSTP (Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics), is an opportunity for PhD candidates and Master students to meet fellow students and young researcher working in many different areas of theoretical physics from all over the Netherlands.