Tutorials in quantum information science



16:00 hrs


Lecture room G (F207), building 22, TU Delft


By: Mark Steudtner (Wehner group)


Digital quantum simulation of second quantized fermionic Hamiltonians is not known to be economic in terms of qubits required. Under the task of saving qubits in order to keep our quantum computer small, I will speak about classical codes in the representation of fermionic states and operators on the qubit system.  Recent findings of others as well as unpublished results from our group will be subject of this tutorial. 

Tentative schedule:

  • Lecture I: Introduction to second quantization, phase estimation methods, Hamiltonian simulation and discussion of conventional encoding schemes. I will require a basic understanding of quantum circuits.
  • Lecture II: Saving qubits by utilizing Hamiltonian symmetries and employing classical codes in the representation. I will require the knowledge from the previous lecture.