Workshop EOSC in Progress



12:30-17:30 hrs


Netherlands eScience Center, Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amsterdam


ePLAN, the Platform of eScience/Data Research Centers in the Netherlands, organizes a workshop on the developments and backgrounds to the European Open Science Cloud and the developments that take place under that umbrella, such as the implementation of the FAIR principles for research data (FAIR for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable).

This workshop, titled EOSC in Progress is the second in line for this topic, organized by ePLAN.



In December 2016 ePLAN organised a workshop on the EOSC, discussing the question what The Netherlands could do to help creating the EOSC, which then was in its earlier stage of development. Now, one and a half year on the way, it is time to learn what the EOSC is becoming to be, which steps have been set, what we can do or need to do, discuss the cost and the benefits, and talk about the changes in mindset scientists and policymakers have to go through to get out of the EOSC what it is for: accelerating scientific discovery, through open science, data sharing and improved ICT-infrastructures to support that.

The workshop consists of presentations on the EOSC, EOSC-Pilot, EOSC-Hub, with contributions from SURF/SURFsara, DANS, NWO, FAIR use cases and a breakout session to solicitate input for future directions.

Who should attend? Scientists, policymakers, service providers

How to register (or for questions on this workshop)? Send an email to:, with your full name, affiliation (and research school is applicable).