Workshop Intercultural compentencies 6 - 7 October



Professionals that operate in an international setting will improve their performances significantly by developing intercultural communication skills. Usually, these relationships are driven by the need to achieve certain goals. We forget to pay attention to the cultural habits, expectations or belief systems that accompany the interaction. Without being aware of it, the misunderstandings are looming and waiting to frustrate the collaboration. Creating a collaboration that is satisfying for both parties requires a profound understanding and genuine effort.

The main themes of the training

  • Cultural behaviour
  • Assumptions, beliefs and values
  • Belief systems
  • Culture test
  • Culturally defined qualities and pitfalls
  • Building bridges
  • Communication skills

Price: € 750,00

How to apply & More information

You can apply for the training session by contacting Aletta Wubben. Telephone number: 015-2783674 or by sending an email: