X-rays and Neutrons in Material Science - 25 - 29 October



AIO-school Kristal- en Structuuronderzoek 2010

In week 43, October 25-29, an AIO-School Kristal- en Structuuronderzoek will be organized under the auspices of the NVK (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie) by order of the "CW-NWO Studiegroep Kristal- en Struktuuronderzoek", entitled:

X-rays and Neutrons in Material Science

Versatile tools in structural analysis

Organizers: Dr. S. Harkema, (UT) (

Dr. R. Peschar (UvA) (

Prof. dr. C. Pappas (TUD) (

Dr. A. van Well (TUD (

Location: Delft University of Technology, Reactor Institute Delft,

Participants are expected to have a background in either Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Mineralogy, Biology, Pharmocology or Crystallography. The purpose is to achieve ‘working’ knowledge in how to use X-Rays and Neutrons to determine structures at the microscopic level in all of the above-mentioned fields.

For information and application, contact Dr. R. Peschar: