Young Professional Event @ Delft



16:45 - 20:00 hrs


Inholland Auditorium, Rotterdamseweg 141, Delft


The Young Instrumentation Network (YIN) of Holland Instrumentation brings young high-tech professionals together. This includes PhD-students and master students in their final year. Their aim is to create the future high-tech network in the west of the Netherlands by organizing company visits and interesting lectures during the year.

JIPAS is the Joint Innovation Programme Aero-Space for the region West Holland. This strong and unique eco-system provides design and manufacturing capabilities of complete aeronautical and space subsystems, airport development and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as data gathering and processing. This creates ample crossover opportunities, within these sectors, as well as with the large high tech community in the region.


Two interesting speakers were invited to this Young Professional Event: Mr. R. Lubbers of FEO-AR on the subject of Augmented Reality, and Mr. J.P. Doomernik of the company Enexis / Fudura on the subject of ‘The future society’. In an interactive session they will endeavour to answer the question: How can we build a future beneficial for society using block chain, autonomous assets and artificial intelligence?’.