Casimir Spring School - Sun, Sailing, Science! (80% full)



three full days


Heeg, Friesland


Our Casimir PhD Platform committee invites you to join the seventh edition of the Casimir Spring School 'Sun, Sailing, and Science', that will take place on April 24th, 25th, and 26th in Heeg, Friesland. It is a great opportunity to present your research to your peers and there is plenty of time to get to know your fellow Casimir PhD students and postdocs better!

The broad spectrum of research themes within the Casimir Research School will be covered by plenary presentation sessions. During each session, PhD students and postdocs will be given the opportunity to give a short talk and to discuss their own work with the audience.

For this edition, we invited four external keynote speakers: Seth Lloyd (MIT), Wilson Poon (Univ. of Edinburgh), Jorge Cham (PhD comics), and Hagan Bayley (Univ. of Oxford). All keynote speakers are invited to stay around for the full three days.

Poster presentations and Workshops
A poster session is planned on the Tuesday evening. All participants who are not presenting a paper are encouraged to present their work then.
The poster session is followed by a workshop session. We will organize two 45-minutes rounds of six parallel sessions, so you can take part in two of your choice. The six topics are:

  1. Scientific Publishing: Delft-alumnus Mathijs Vleugel, who now works at Nature Protocols, will tell us more on world of scientific publishing;

  2. Entrepreneurship: Delft Circuits CEO Sal Bosman will tell you all about how to set up a small business and the challenges you meet along the way;

  3. Science and Media: is a workshop, hosted by alumna Julia Cramer, on how to translate your research to the wider audience, how to deal with the media, and why it is important to communicate your research;

  4. Working in Industry: a contact from industry will join us to tell from their own experience what a post-PhD career in industry can look like;    

  5. Cryogenics: this will be a workshop working with (different types of) cryostats. Learn the latest cryogenic tips and tricks here!;

  6. Ethics of Science and Technology: Peter Kroes, an emeritus TU Delft professor of Philosophy of Technology will lead this discussion session.

Meeting your Leiden and Delft colleagues
On the afternoon of the 25th, we will go sailing on the nearby lakes (Heegermeer, Fluessen). If you are already an experienced sailor and feel comfortable sailing a small (max. 5 persons) boat, please sign up as skipper. We will arrange an on-land activity for those who are not fond of sailing. And of course, the famous Casimir pub quiz will also be part of our Spring School's program. The Spring School offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends!

Registration, costs, cancellation policy, and credits

  • Register by filling in the form below. Please note that our registration system does not send confirmations, so please check a couple of days after registration if your name appears on the list below.
  • You can still register to join us in April, however, is not possible to sign up to give a talk anymore.
  • The costs for the Spring School, the bus trip and the accommodation, including all meals and drinks with the meals (expenses at the bar at own costs), are arranged by and covered for by the Casimir Research School.
  • It is possible to cancel your registration until February 28th, by sending an e-mail to Casimir Coordinator Marije Boonstra. Cancellation after this date without finding a replacement for your spot, or a 'no show' means that you have to shoulder the costs made for you (up to € 200,- per person)!
  • For attending the school you will receive 1 GSC (Graduate School Credit), for presenting a paper or poster presentation you will receive an extra 0.5 GSC.

Please register here for the Spring School!

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