Casimir theses and ISBN

Casimir offers PhD students support in printing their thesis. This is done by providing an ISBN code and maintaining a list of regularly used printers.

To request an ISBN code, please fill in the form (see file below) and send an email to The request form asks, i.a., the following information:

  • the full title of your thesis;
  • the date and time of the thesis defens;
  • the date of approval of your thesis;
  • the name(s) of your promotor(s) and supervisor(s);
  • the estimated number of pages, and;
  • the NUR code (Dutch Uniform Subject Classification - consisting of a three-digit number designating the publication's subject).

Possible NUR codes applicable for your thesis are 923 (Cell and Molecular Biology), 924 (Physics, general), 925 (Theoretical physics), 926 (Experimental physics), 927 (Biophysics), 928 (Computational physics), or 929 (Mechanics). If this does not cover the topic of your thesis, please check the document below and look up the correct NUR code.

We will provide you with an ISBN code a.s.a.p. (note that it may take up to three working days to receive the requested numbers). In return, you are requested to mention the Casimir PhD Series on the back and on the colophon page of your thesis. Details will be mailed to you as soon as we received the required information.