Thesis printing costs

The printing costs of theses published within the Casimir Research School are in general covered by funding agencies such as FOM and NWO or at Leiden by the University. However, this financial support might not cover the full printing costs. Within Casimir it has been agreed upon that the following rule applies: the research groups within LION, Kavli/QN, and Kavli/BN (not the Casimir Research School) will co-support the printing of theses up to a maximum of € 2,000.- per thesis.* This implies that a Casimir PhD student only needs to pay printing costs that exceed the € 2,000.- themselves. Please note that funding options such as FOM should still be applied for - the research groups will further contribute to this amount towards a maximum of € 2,000.-.

*) Other rules may apply for PhD students from groups outside LION or Kavli QN/BN.


12 - 13 October 2022

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