Casimir Course - Hot Topics (ongoing)



Speakers from all over the world are invited to present pedagogical introductions to their field with an emphasis on basic concepts. Apart from an introductory lecture, the participants of this course will have an additional discussion with the invited speaker. During that extra hour, they will discuss a recent paper and the holy grails of the field.

Exemplary topics are: topological insulators, mesoscopic quantum gravity, string theory for condensed matter, measurement-based quantum computing, quantum-limited sensors, Majorana Fermions, fast-light with single photons, etc (see also the list of previous sessions below).

Audience: The tutorial, as an one hour lecture, is open for everyone to attend. The second hour is be reserved as a discussion hour with the lecturer for the registered class of PhD students and postdocs.

Schedule: Throughout the year, about 5 hot topics sessions will be organised. Announcements for coming sessions will appear on the Casimir website and in the Casimir Newsletter. The overview below gives an impression of the hot topics sessions that took place over the past years.

Credits: Those participants who attended (pro-actively) a Hot Topics session will be awarded 0.5 Graduate School Credit (GSC).

Current coordinators: If you have any suggestions for a hot topics session contact the coordinators: dr. Marianne Bauer ( for Bionanoscience-related topics or dr. Tim Taminiau ( for Hot Topics in Quantum Nanoscience.   

Hot topics sessions we have organized in the past are: (click on the links for more information)

To receive announcements of new Hot Topics sessions, you can register for this ongoing course by filling in the form below. You will still need to register for specific sessions that you want to attend.

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