Casimir Thesis 2022

Appendix -  Casimir theses 2022
Casimir provides PhD students with an ISBN number for their theses. Together, these theses  form the “Casimir PhD Series”. All 35 PhD theses published by PhD students enrolled in the Casimir Research School are listed below. 


Zuiddam, M.: Freedom of Additional Signals on Genes:on the combination of DNA mechanics, genetics and translation speed

Promotor(s): Prof.dr. H. Schiessel (Universiteit Leiden)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-01


Peiter, S.: Cavity electromechanics using flipped silicon nitride

Promotor(s): Prof.dr. G. Steele (TU Delft)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-02

Berenger, N.: Embryonic stem cell-based in vitro models to study early mammalian development

Promotor(s): Prof.dr. S.J. Tans (TU Delft, AMOLF)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-03

Späth, P.: Photothermal circular dichroism studies of single nanoparticles

Promotor(s): Prof.dr. M.A.G.J. Orrit (Universiteit Leiden)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-04

Hortensius, J.: Resonant optical control of magnetism on ultrashort timescales

Promotor(s): Prof.dr. A. Caviglia (TU Delft)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-05

Linne, C.: To bind or not to bind: DNA mediated multivalent interactions lead to superselectivity

Promotor(s): dr. D.J. Kraft (Universiteit Leiden)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-06

Godino, E.: Expression of a gene-encoded FtsZ-based minimal machinery to drive synthetic cell division

Promotor(s): dr. D. Danelon (TU Delft)


Casimir PhD Series, 2022-07