Steering Committee 
The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for the NanoFront program. The Steering Committee decides on all matters concerning the scientific strategy and decides on execution of the program.

The NanoFront Steering committee consist of the following members:

International Advisory Board

The international advisory board supports the Steering Committee with advice on the scientific direction and quality of the program.


Managing director

The managing director of NanoFront is Marije Boonstra MPhil.


Project leaders

The individual projects within the NanoFront program fall under the responsibility of the project leaders (scientists within the NanoFront program).


Management support

The management support team of NanoFront consist of the following members:

  • Nadine Kuijvenhoven, Management Assistant
  • Dennis van Doorn, Financial Coordinator
  • Raymond van Lent, Project Administrator (Delft)
  • Remco de Kler, Project controller (Leiden)